My Writerly Progression Towards Cloud Computing

A few years ago, I read a post describing a far future where everything would live up in a “cloud” and nothing would remain on the desktop or personal hard drive.
I scoffed. No way I’d trust anything to some “cloud” and put all my writing on somebody else’ server. No way indeed.
I continued to upgrade computers as needed and the drives became bigger and bigger to hold all the images and files I worked with. My writer’s notebooks over the years show how I worked with this system nicely.

cloud computing
My main working computer is an iMac. For two years I trucked it back and forth with me when we went South (I kept the original packing) Damn big package took up almost the entire back seat of the SUV.
Last fall, knowing we were moving into a much smaller rental with limited storage space, I sucked it up and bought a small Mac laptop.

My first computer had big floppy discs and worked with 64K. I programmed dBase, spreadsheets and word processors on that and thought I was king of the tech-pile. You can’t even put a signature file on a word processor now for 64K.

You can see the problem I’m sure. How do I transfer all the files from my iMac to the laptop? Between Evernote and some thumb drives, everything was moved. Or, almost everything as I discovered when I set up for writing.
Came back this past spring and reversed the process. Thumb drives bounced back and forth between the two computers.
This past week, I wanted to write when I was away from the office. Took out the old laptop and remembered the thumb drive process. Of course I hadn’t maintained the files in both systems except for the files on Evernote.
With my stories and web posts on Evernote (which lives in the cloud) the solution was staring me in the face.
Go up, young man, go up.

And yes, I knew that was the direction to go but it took tearing myself away from over 20 years of self-sufficiency to do this.  It was a divorce from my monster hard drives with all the feelings of loss you might expect.

The New System:

  • All project documents now live on Dropbox.
  • All images are on iCloud.
  • All notes and works such as this blog post are on Evernote
  • Everything syncs across the Cloud.

Storage on my desktop and laptop will never, ever be maxed out.
I no longer have to worry if my house catches fire and all my files are sitting on various hard drives in my office. Losing everything in the process.

Are There Downsides?

I require wifi if I want to download/work on something that’s not on my laptop.
But if I know I will be away (like a waiting room) and want to grab a few minutes of work, I can download the file to the laptop and take it along. Saving it locally stops any data loss and as soon as I get back to civilization (wifi) it will save automatically to my cloud storage space.

I’ve solved any issues with that by working on new blog posts or other projects on Evernote when I’m away from the office.  I can do this on my laptop or iPad.

Any other downsides?

Haven’t found any yet. The only thing I’ve discovered is that images stored in the cloud take slightly longer to transfer to social media or any website but that’s the only “downside” I’ve seen to date.
I think it’s interesting how technology and changing life states (read maturity) make me adapt to the future.
And like the curious person I am, I wonder what’s coming next.

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