Stephen Hawking Predicts How Long Humanity Has Left

One of the driving forces shaping our lives is artificial intelligence or more accurately “smart computers”.
A smart computer does one thing really well.  Smart financial trading software trades stocks and makes a profit.  Smart traffic light software adjusts the lengths of the lights depending on traffic flow so traffic moves faster.
But traffic light software can’t trade stocks and/or vice versa.
Each is very good at what it does but it’s a single function smart computer (or more accurately smart software.)
We’ll move toward true artificial intelligence when one software program can do more than one thing.
How long will this take?  Your guess is as good as mine but Google’s Chief of Cloud Computing says “not in my lifetime.”
Woah, Google’s AI Is Really Good at Pictionary   Google just rolled out AI Experiments, an online hub of web toys that use games to demonstrate the inner workings of machine learning.
Intel Looks to a New Chip to Power the Coming Age of AI  The world’s largest chip maker is building a chip just for machine learning as the biggest tech companies look to an AI-powered future.
Giant Corporations Are Hoarding the World’s AI Talent  GE just acquired thirty machine learning specialists. How can a startup compete—even if the all the top AI talent doesn’t move to Canada?  Note that Canada just relaxed some of it’s regulations for computer experts to move to Canada.
Top 9 Cloud Computing Failures  Outages, hacks, bad weather, human error and other factors have led to some spectacular cloud failures.  We’re a long way from a perfect computer (as you likely know from your own desktop.)
Job security won’t exist in the age of ‘superintelligence’  Coined in 1956 by John McCarthy, it was originally intended to define an independent machine agent that can take actions to maximize success toward a particular goal, with human-like functions such as learning and problem solving.  This is becoming more and more of a problem – for example manufacturing jobs won’t return in strength as robots are ultimately less expensive than human labor. And if you’re a creative and think you’re safe – understand that robots are now writing sports pages and creating art.
Stephen Hawking Predicts How Long Humanity Has Left Before Getting Wiped Out  Stephen Hawking is not very optimistic about the future of humanity, estimating how long we have left on Earth.  While Hawking talks about 1000 years (which makes all of us fairly safe) we can obviously look at degrading environmental conditions in the meantime.

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