2 thoughts on “Sometimes A Picture Says It All”

  1. I will miss the Merlinesque stories but I admire your willingness to start yet another adventure or two. I admire your sense of honesty. What fun it will be to reacquaint yourself with your dictionary of places and add your creations to them!
    Given the reasons you’ve done what you’ve done, I look forward to the birth of a new way of thinking and new fantastical places to visit. Will you create the location initially or populate it first?
    You’ve set a mighty task for yourself albeit enjoyable, I hope!
    Good job on “Fall cleanup!”

    1. Terre – I’m making notes on both the story lines and the world setting right now. And I’m debating about how much of this I share as I move forward given things change drastically when I begin writing (best laid plans of mice and men kind of thing) LOL But I know roughly the where and when – very roughly.

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