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As an author, I’m bombarded with all manner of experts telling me how to attract readers, how to create content for them, how to … There are simply too many “experts” and how-to articles on the Net to even begin to make sense of creating an author platform. As you might imagine, it’s confusing. I even read an ebook two weeks ago telling me to forget the time and effort of having an author platform and simply spend that time writing instead. (Tempting, very tempting) 🙂

I don’t doubt you find the same thing in whatever area you’re interested in. There are simply too many voices screaming for attention. Too many conflicting bits of advice to sort out.

My solution to this was extreme. I deleted almost all the newsletters I received. When I started really looking at what many of these folks were doing, it was what is called a “constant launch”. They moved from selling one product to selling another or promoting another product (to get paid via an affiliate link). There was content in their newsletter but it was typically thin and disguised as (yet another ) sales pitch or helping seminar or sales-flavor-of-the-day.

Don’t misunderstand. I have no problem with somebody trying to sell me something. I do it myself. (Want to buy an ebook?) 🙂 What I have trouble with is the constant selling and thin content disguised as “useful” advice.
Good thing there’s an unsubscribe link in every email newsletter and a garbage can button on the email reader.

Artificial Intelligence

Whether you like it or not, AI is coming your way. And, it’s coming faster and faster. At the very least, you should be aware of the implications for some of your decisions.
My best advice on all this stuff – buy something like 1Password manager and *every* device you install in your house should use a high-security password. If not, anything in your house (connected to wifi) can become part of a hacking network. Yes, that includes your thermostats or refrigerator or ???. If it uses wifi – for any reason – use high-security passwords.
This Techcrunch article describes the “creepiest” use of AI yet. I did not upload my picture, but you can be the judge of how creepy it is for yourself.
Researchers have worked out how to steal an artificial intelligent system – by using another AI system. (This falls into the class of information “It takes a thief to catch a thief”) Why is this important? What kind of system do you think controls your banking accounts? If you’re interested, here’s the basic way to do it. 
And speaking of how secure creative people are that they can’t be replaced by an AI, here’s a contrary view.
We already have computers writing non-fiction events such as sports articles and some other basic information. You didn’t know? Check out this New York Times article  and see how you do on the quiz.
IBM is working on a new kind of chip – a neuromorphic ‘brain chip’ It doesn’t go into your brain (yet) but it has potential to replicate other brain-like functions. For example, if you want a translation of a foreign language while you’re offline, this chip could do it. Here’s the article.

Seriously Frank?

Finally, and last but not least, I give you the “seriously Frank?” part of this update. Will sexbots change the way we relate to each other. 

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