covid lesson

My Covid Lesson In A Few Simple Words.

Dear Reader

A quick note on a very promising May morning.  Lots of big blue sky out there and a stiff breeze to whip up some waves. 

I’m still writing stories and laying out the next ebook adventure. 

I’ll be a bit slower once the weather warms up as one of my major goals this year is to build more stone walls around our gardens (Gotta stop those rabbits!), build some decent garden gates and enjoy myself with my sweetie.

Retirement now means doing what I want, when I want. Some days it will be writing and some days the world processor will never see the screen because I’m having coffee on the deck and then spending the day in glorious sunshine.

The Covid lesson is really, really simple:

My “retirement” is really run by one simple rule.  “If not now? When?”

There are a great many words asking to see the light of day but if there’s one lesson from Covid, it’s do not waste whatever time I have left in this mortal coil.

Got a lesson you’d like to share?

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