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Links For March 2021

Here are a few interesting links for early 2021

World wide web inventor Tim Berners-Lee takes on Google, Facebook, Amazon to fix the internet. Being a bit paranoid about Facebook and the other big tech companies, I’m a huge fan of implementing a system such as this. But the big aggregators (Facebook, Google etc) aren’t going to be pleased. If you think Facebook is angry because Apple has a new feature that allows you to determine if Facebook can track you – you ain’t seen nothing when they figure out they can’t collect any data.

If you’ve been watching “The Dig” you may be interested in the real story

Some readers may remember the Daghdha. Here’s the story. He is one of my favourite mythological characters and he’ll be back in a variety of guises sooner or later.

This U.S. Admiral thinks atomic warfare is still quite possible. Well sure it’s possible – it’s one empire trying to hold on and another trying to expand. If you haven’t been reading about what’s happening in the Far East with weapons deployment on both sides, let me simply say it’s a bit scary.

OK, many folks have permanently moved out of the city to the country to avoid COVID. Is this permanent and what does this mean? Hmm, I moved out about 50 years ago and it meant sanity to me. LOL. Would you leave the city or suburbs for the country? Tell me why in the comments.

From the “Really?” department. They’re teaching spinach how to communicate with email There may be hope for some folks I know after all. But Popeye is likely to be very disturbed.

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