It's Been Ten Long Months

I took a deep breath the other day, raised my head from the stacks of to-do lists I hadn’t done, looked at my white board and sighed. Ten months has passed since I updated this fiction blog.
But I Have A Great Reason

For many reasons, the non-fiction writing that has supported me for decades was no longer profitable. Running under a magazine-format it generated tens of thousands of views a day and delivered Adsense income. Or, it used to. Without going into details of “why” this happened, let me report that traffic was up over 30% and income was down by 30%. This is not a sustainable model no matter what your business.
I had to change the income model and that meant a ton of work.
It appears to have been ten months worth. And it appears the garden publishing model and the website is under control and being developed and this means I can return to the other creative work I want to do.
This Includes Fiction

Instead of being self-hosted with all the technical details resting on my shoulders, this site is now hosted at Rainmaker and they do the tech work. The theme is one of theirs. All I have to do is write. Frankly, that’s what I want.
I deleted a ton of irrelevant content and we’re moving forward from here.

Thanks for your patience for sticking around. I plan on posting regularly.

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