I Invite You To Think About Your Cell Phone

You don’t have to look very far in the news or to think very deeply to understand the world is changing under our feet. The old rules aren’t the new rules. This leads to a great deal of conflict both on the political and the raw-fury physical level (from personal assaults to wars).
Change is now the new constant.
I’m not the first to state this obvious fact.
I invite you to think about your cell phone.
Sixty days after you purchased that phone, it’s a different computerized system. The average app upgrades every 30 days so after 60 days almost every app on your phone, from the simplest game to the underlying operating system is different.
Your phone is not the same one it was a mere two months ago.

What’s this mean for the average user?

It means you’re constantly surrounded by change. There is no one tech stasis but the entire world you live in, the world you use and depend on isn’t the same one you lived in 60 days ago.
It may look the same on the surface, it may even act the same in the short run but sooner or later, one of those apps will “break” and stop working.
It’s no different in your political life. Things change. Adjustments to small rules happen regularlySmall adjustments to big rules happen regularly
But it’s not too often that big changes to big rules happen but every now and then, one does and then you notice.
Something’s Changed.
And it’s not right.
You are free to define what’s not right. Eight years ago, the U.S. system elected a black man as President. That was a massive change to an older big rule, and it bothered a great many people. This time, a celebrity with no experience working at any level of government was elected, and that change bothered many people.

Change Is Seldom Comfortable

And that’s the message. Change is why I started writing fiction.

  • It was a change in my writing life.
  • It forced me to look at things I’d never considered before.
  • The challenge was well out of my comfort zone and I needed a big change.

Writing fiction allowed me to look at those things that change and what happens when they change and what the possible consequences are. To fantasize about what would happen if this small thing changed or that big thing swooped across our landscape leaving forests of fallen shibboleths in its wake.
And that’s where I’ll leave this thought. Unfinished. Open to change.
I’ll welcome your comments or your subscription to the updates.

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