Here’s Why I Needed A New Storyboard

When you need to write a big story, you need a good storyboard

It seems as if it’s been quite a while since I posted here. I’ve been working in several other genres and getting some projects launched and cleaned up.

But there’s this story that’s been gnawing away at my mind, never quite coming together and never quite right, but always there. And then, this weekend amidst a rare May snowstorm, the idea crystallized. And now I know what I want to write. (It may have been one of the few really good things to come out of a May snowstorm.)

I started the storyboard (below) this weekend to bring the story to the visual arena and pin down some of the key points.

The storyboard is a chunk of blue, rigid foam house insulation I screwed to the wall. The pink note-card at the top says, “Take the big steps!” as a warning to be big and bold and make the story the same way.

In the middle, the blue cards have characters and suggestions for plot.

The small single blue card at the bottom is the story ending. And yes, you write the end at the beginning so you know where your story has to end up.

I rather like this ending – it’s been one of the most consistent parts of the story since the story introduced itself to me. It also promises more stories on this theme.

My Writer’s Storyboard

As soon as I get a bit further along, I’ll introduce you to a few of the story line and characters (maybe in a new bit of software I’m messing about with that might be perfect for this purpose.)

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