Frankly 2016

I hope you had a great time this past few weeks with family and friends.  I know it was quite a change for us as we stayed down South for the first year. (Let’s hear it for Facetime!)  Hung out with some great friends for both Christmas and New Years (must have been because we’re all still talking) 🙂
But now it’s a new year and I’m celebrating already as I sold 3 ebooks. Yeah, I’m not likely to put that in the savings account but I’m clearly celebrating.

You can read the December 2016 Author Report here.  December was a month of massive changes on the site, podcast etc.

I’m Reading

This is a new section where I share some of the books I’m reading. They range from the creative to the serious and everything (and I mean everything) between.
This week, I give you Steal Like An Artist.  Austin Kleon’s best selling short book for the creator. A short and fun read but packed with interesting insights into the creative process.
I also plowed my productive way through ISIS – Inside the Army of Terror  – a look at the group making headlines.  Fascinating read and one I can suggest you read if you’re looking for insights into the group and Middle East.

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