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Growing up, I read a lot of books.

When I was in grade 5, my teacher wrote a note on my report card saying, “He would do much better work if he slowed down and took his time rather than rushing through the work so he could go back to reading.”  We could read if we’d finished our work so given the choice of “taking my time” or the book of the day I chose the latter.

Book of the day is fairly accurate.  I fell in love with the local librarian because she took the “kid restriction” off my account. Children were limited to only taking out 5 books.  With adult status, I could take as many books out as I wanted. I routinely read a book every one and a half days during the winter.  I worked my way methodically through every author down the juvenile and then began on the adult shelves in our small country library.

What I’m going to do is share some of the things I’m reading with you. I’m going to pass along book reviews of the books I think are worth sharing as well as some web resources that may interest you.  The current word for this is a “curated list”.
Think of it as sorting through all the chaff out there and only passing along the best.

  • My book reading is syncretic. It is without a shape, form or organization. You’re going to get a bit of everything.
  • My web reading tends to the future and to developing technology.  I’ll pass along the best things I find out there and spare you the spammy headline-seeking missives so you’ll understand what’s really coming at you and your family.

Watch for these in your inbox.
(All back issues will also be available on the website in case you need to find something)

Future Tech

One of the things that seems fairly clear in the medium range is that armies still require weapons.  Until someone installs one of the weapons on this list into a satellite (and nullifies everything else)  these are the weapons you can expect to see your local armed forces use in the near future.
2047 – my first book – deals with what happens when we move beyond the weapons on this list.
Here are ten future weapons that are in development or early deployment now.  While this is one of the “sensationalist” sites on the Net, it is a good place to start being afraid.
It appears this is the weapons edition of D Frankly Speaking.
 After you see this graphic (and read the article), you’ll never agree with any politician who says the world needs nuclear bombs to be safe.
The 15 seconds it takes to look at this graphic will change the way you look at nuclear weapons.

And On Our Lighter Side

Let’s put all those weapons in perspective.
Which would you rather read – weapons or sex?  Here’s the real data about how many calories does sex really burn?  
I hope you find these interesting enough to pass along to friends. Feel free to share them in any way that makes sense to you.

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