Scientists May Have Identified A Protein That Controls Aging

Certainly one of the main concerns of the Boomer generation is the idea they’re all going to die.  Seriously – we’re going to die? We have to do something about this seems to be the common theme in research circles.

In my worldview, I may not live forever but there’s something more important than living forever. It’s living well.  The question isn’t what age am I going to live to. The question is what age can I live to with a really good enjoyment factor. With engagement in the things around me at a level I’d consider acceptable.  Lifestyle versus longevity.  Burn the candle bright m’boys and rage against the dying of the night.  (to mix a few other voices.)  Living a good life is more important to me than living a long life.  But then again, I’m healthy and not facing imminent death.  I may – and probably would – change my mind when faced with that long night.  I note that attitude doesn’t stop me from researching longevity factors or ensuring I’m doing what I can to prolong my life.

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Utopia is Creepy: The Agreeable Internet Leaves Us Unchallenged, Makes Us Unchallenging

According to Pulitzer prize-nominated writer Nicholas Carr the internet is a utopia in which we never have to confront anything. When technology and humanity intersect, how does it affect our brains, our intellect, and our ability to explore?  Nicholas Carr is one of the “big thinkers” and writers about the Internet.  His book “The Shallows” is a must read for those interested in figuring out what computers do to our brains, our children and the way we interact with each other.

Why Insurance Companies Want to Subsidize Your Smart Home

Linking doorbells and thermostats to the Internet can cut the chance of expensive surprises. You may recall I mentioned using high-security passwords with your devices.  I note our car insurance has already started doing something like this. We were sent a plugin, connected our car to their Internet and for several months they monitored our driving habits (how fast we accelerated, braked etc)  Got a discount for “better” driving.  This stuff is coming and coming fast.  If the insurance company can get data on how you use your home, they’re in a better position to adjust your rates (up or down I note).

Scientists Move One Step Closer To Making an Artificial Human Brain

Research shows that we can create artificial synapses that can allow a machine system to learn and behave like a human brain. The artificial synapses can help to create more immersive devices to make the Internet of Things more complete.  There are several parts to doing this – the chips and the software.  This article deals with the new chips that are coming at us.

Scientists May Have Identified the Protein That Controls Aging

Two biochemists have discovered a link between a protein called carbonic anhydrase and aging in the brains and muscle cells of mice. While still in the early stages of development, their research could lead to treatments for diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  Note this is a “may” article in that one team of scientists found one protein in a small experiment.  But also note we have to start somewhere.  Everything I’ve read on this subject so far says to me to “take care of the mitochondria”  as they are the power sources for all our cells.

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