How To Create Superior Images With Two Free Outstanding Graphics Sites

If I promised you could create images for your blog like these in under 10 minutes, would you be impressed? The bottom one took me 90 seconds.
Before we go any further, let’s agree the Web is now a graphical place where images and video rule.  While text remains important, images rule on social media and an important component of almost any website post is a graphic.  You may have the skills to make stunning graphics but I don’t. . Having great software that does it all for me is something I only used to dream about.
Here are two cloud-based,  free to low-cost cloud-based software programs that have made my life easier.


I’ve messed about and still use Canva  for book cover creation.  It’s relatively easy to use and if you follow their free templates, it’s tough to go wrong with basic designs.  If you spring for a custom image, it will cost you $1/image. (You have to buy a minimum of ten at a time).
Where else can you get simple covers for a buck each?
This is an example of a cover done at Canva.  I don’t pretend it’s professional but it’s a heck of a lot better than what I could do with my own graphics software.
cover-2047 copy

Designfeed is my new go-to software for all other images you’re going to find on my sites or social media accounts.  While still in beta, it’s slick and easy/intuitive to use and fast.
They’ve hooked up several free image sites (Pixabay, DesignFeed, Flickr, Unsplash) so the range and number of images is massive.
You enter the text, select your image source and image search parameters and the software produces a variety of options in text and image combinations.  You pick the one you want (or ask for more) and the software produces that image in the correct size for every social media platform.
It also allows you to deliver the image to Hootsuite and Buffer, a direct upload to Facebook or a download for you to take to your machine for your use.

It took me 90 seconds to make this image.  Remember though that DesignFeed is still in beta and every now and then it does something unexpected. All I can tell you is when it comes out of beta, I’m paying whatever they ask.  What’s your time worth to create an image like this one? Do yourself a favor. Create an account and test it out. It’s so simple and intuitive, I’ve never had to read the help files.



Bottom Line

You don’t need fancy software or images to create stunning additions to your work.  It’s a new world out there for writers and these two cloud-based software programs are worth your time and resources.
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