Want To Join Me On A Crazy Adventure In Fiction Writing

I think it’s only fair to warn you about a few things. That sounds rather ominous, doesn’t it?
Well, not so much ominous as getting a peek into my mind and how I’m setting up for this fiction adventure. That way, you won’t be surprised when you see the range of subjects I’m writing about.

How The Website Looks

The website has been rebuilt.
The text is easier to read, and the layout is crisp. Just about everything I want in an author website is functioning. I have a few things behind the scenes to work out but the website is now done.

What I’ll Be Sharing

There are two main topics I’ll be posting on the site.

  • The first is the fiction itself. Over the next months, I’ll be sending out stories and chapters.
  • I’m calling the second topic a “peek into the workings of a writer’s world” in this age of modern fiction. And that will be whatever strikes my fancy.

This Newsletter

I’ve set up this newsletter/update system to email you automatically when something new is published. You “should” get it right into your inbox so you don’t have to go to the website to read it. I prefer reading what we call “full feeds” (the entire text of the post) without having to go to the website so that’s what I’m working to set up.
I ask for your patience while I figure out the ins and outs of making the newsletter work.


I’d like to set up a publishing schedule but life is hectic at the moment on the personal front so it will be catch as catch can I’m afraid.
If you have a preferred day, email me back and let me know.


I’m looking forward to your comments about the things I’m writing and sharing. The website is set to make those easy to share with me and I invite you to take advantage of that feature.

When I

When I hit the “publish” button, the adventure begins…
Now. Where’s the damn button?

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