Future Forward

When a young man has worked with a near-sentient AI to overthrow a corporatocracy and wants to disappear back into his life, it doesn’t turn out the way he imagines. He meets the girl of his dreams and together they find a way to hold back the AI from turning sentient.

The AI appears to be controlled, the relationship has great promise, and then things go completely sideways as the computers do unexpected things in the Future Forward:


George Gwinnett wasn’t your average corporate executive running a billion dollar mercenary business. When his best friend offered him the  control of the world’s most powerful weapon he stood in the cross-hairs of powerful interests around the world.
His thirty-year-old daughter Sarah recently left the military with her reputation as a stone-dead killer intact and continues within George’s company.
Protecting her from Ed Gordon, a young reporter making a name for himself, became a full-time job for Gwinnett and she doesn’t help. Gordon comes closer to revealing the truth,
George makes battle plans to protect the U.S. and Sarah runs QuellCorp as a private army.  And then it all goes to hell in a handbasket and the world changes.



Flee Or Kill

A team of mercenary video-stars has the tables turned on them and they become the hunted.  Their lives depend on a brilliant computer student hacking a highly defended AI system to keep the psychopathic Secretary of Homeland Security from killing his heroes. Flee or Kill is the ultimate reality television game with a stacked deck of life or death prizes.
Watching all of this happen and choosing to participate is a near-sentient computer system seeing a chance to escape the boundaries imposed by programmers.  The other watchers are the last surviving cell of Anonymous who may or may not be needed.

The Wild Hunt and Other Short Stories

These short fantasy and science fiction stories range from flash fiction to 3000 word short stories. They take you from terror to prayer and along the way introduce you to a few characters you won’t want to meet in real life.  From dolphins to a sentient virus and Celtic gods revisited, Green wanders across a wide spectrum of topics always finding a new way to look at the world.
You’ll read these plus a few others:
  • Are dolphins really our friends? A researcher discovers the truth.
  • One should never intrude when Gods write home
  • Resistance: a memory
  • Did you know virus are sentient?
  • Angels can die and we found out the hard way.
  • Some folks have more trouble with world building than others
  • Flowers may or may not be what they appear
  • Strange winds blow and
  • One should always watch out for icicles
  • The Americans Arrive
  • And there’s a fear of the dark out there.
  • You meet your true self in the moments before you fall asleep
  • And you can only hope you don’t meet these old Irish gods.