Author Report May 2017

Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water…
As I’ve said, publishing is a bit of an adventure at the moment. Sigh.

Ebook Publishing

There are two basic strategies for publishing in the online world. The first is called “deep”. Publishing deep means that you put all of your eggs in the Amazon basket, use all their programs, and the resources of this 900 – pound giant of the publishing world.
The second is called “wide” and this means using all retail publishing platforms to distribute your work across the widest possible audience.
I had originally decided to go “wide” and had published books on the Pronoun platform. Those were the links in the author report for April.
But between the time I had written that post and then published it, I had changed my mind and decided to go deep with Amazon.  I forgot to update that post.
I’ll have more to say about that decision as I move forward, but for now everything is going up on Amazon.
The only book that is “wide” at the moment is 2047 and that is available for free on all platforms now including Amazon.

Newsletter Readers:

57 (down a few)   Note this doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I’m quite used to having readers unsubscribe when they decide they’re no longer interested.  It costs money to send these emails so when people are no longer interested, unsubscribing is far better than simply deleting without reading. (or worse assigning them to the spam folder).

Ebook Updates:

I hoped to get the last ebook in the Future Forward series done and uploaded in May. Got it written but not in time to get it edited and laid out before the end of the month screamed by.  That’s now part of June’s objectives and I’ll send out a note when that goes live.

The Next Book Series (Working Title: The Next 100 Years)

I’m working on the next book series and I’ll be putting it out bit by bit to the list as I write it.

Note each story/chapter will only stay live on the website for two weeks and then it will be deleted. So if you want to follow along, visit the site to read the story – or wait until the ebooks are published for the entire thing all at once.

Podcast Updates:

Hmm, didn’t do any.  But I’ve been making about my latest thinking in this area and it’s looking like I’m going to continue with the podcast. I’ll tell you why and how in another post once I get all the details and thoughts arranged in some coherent order.

Sales Updates:

2047 is free now across all platforms. In May, there were 21 downloads on Amazon and 11 downloads on the rest of the world’s ebook platforms (mostly iBooks).
Sales were non-existent for the other two ebooks.

Bottom Lines

The month was a slow grinding back to production and a shock to my system when I figured out one critical piece of the publishing puzzle (more to come on this in a separate blog post).
But the words are flowing again and that’s the important point.
The increased rate of free downloads means people are reading the ebooks. So that’s good even if it hasn’t yet translated to increased subscribers here. At some point it will.

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