Author Report March 2017

OK, when it comes to the January/February/March 2017 Author report, it’s “the less said the better” kinds of reports.
A dental surgical “event” in the second week of January pretty much took care of things for the next three weeks.  The surgeon said, “You can resume normal activities in two-three days.” Yeah right. In my case, it turned out to be 2-3 weeks.
I wasn’t impressed but decided if my body was sending the “rest message” then I had really better listen to it. Part of that was a general fatigue caused by my  workout program at the time.  The resulting backlog in my non-fiction work and lack of motivation pretty much took care of the rest of the first three months.  And very few fiction words found their way to life.

I confess I’m not pleased with this but it was also a quarter of some other major life events that aren’t relevant here. Adding them all together necessitated production in other genres of my writing world but took me out of the game in fiction.  That has now been taken care of and a major pivot is underway.

The Podcast

Was put on hold. When you don’t have bottom teeth, your tongue doesn’t work and the mic picks up the “s” sounds so the resulting recording sounds very much like Voldemort when he’s in snake-mode.
The temporary bottom tooth went in last week.

We’ve Sold Our Florida Home

And we’re packing up to move back north to Canada. (It’s a long story) If you’ve ever moved – you understand the packing drill. Well, just add an entire pottery studio to your list (yes, my better half’s a potter.)

Book Sales

Thanks to whoever purchased them. 🙂
Word counts (numbers of word written) for this period managed to find the basement without much help from me. I don’t think I’ve written fewer words in a quarter for a very long time. (insert author whinging sounds here.)

Books and the KU program

I’ve withdrawn them from the KU program in any case. I’ll be uploading to other channels in the very near future.
Going for what they call a “broad” distribution rather than narrow.

The Future:

It was an “interesting” quarter from several different perspectives.
The surgery obviously knocked me back further than I’d like to admit.
Along with feeling better has come a review of all my writing and objectives. I’ll have more to say on this in the near future (or at least in more detail) but from the fiction side of things, I’m expanding.

Writer Development

If I don’t take care of getting better in my own professional development, nobody else will do it.

  • Took a course on podcasting. Will be making changes in upcoming podcasts.
  • Finished a great course on Depth in Writing

Those were the highlights of my quarter.

So What The Heck Have I Been Doing

The short form is I decided to practice what I was learning in the workshop. And the best way to do this was to rewrite (one time) the two books I’ve already published.
Those who purchased them will get the rewrite free (there’s going to be enough there to trigger a redownload-alert from Amazon et al)


Not a sterling quarter for sure. From your own life you know there are times like this and hopefully you too found a way to bounce back.
I will simply say I expect April will start the turnaround and you can expect to hear more from me – some more short stories etc etc.
If you find yourself interested in the short stories or posts here, let me suggest you subscribe. I send out full summaries to interested readers.

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