Author Report December 2017 A Year in Review

This is the semi-regular update on the behind-the-scenes stuff that often amuses readers.  I haven’t done an update since August so I’m calling this one, the first annual roundup.

Mailing List:

I cleaned out the mailing list two weeks ago to reduce the total subscription level to 300.  Approximately 50 of the new readers downloading the ebook really weren’t interested in reading other things I write –  and hadn’t opened a newsletter since the download. (Likely going to the spam or “to never read” folder) 🙂

There’s little sense in me paying to send out stories if they’re not reading them so…

Thanks for reading. 🙂


Some tech upgrades hit both my desk and this list and blah, blah, blah.

Having deleted two paragraphs above this line, I asked myself, In this day of constant tech upgrades, who really gives a damn.

Think about one thing though.  The average app is updated every 30 days. That means within a very short time, the cell phone you carry around with you isn’t anything like the one you started with.

You have to constantly learn new things to keep up to date with all the tech in your life and the notion of being a lifelong learner isn’t fiction – it’s a reality in our world.

Bottom line: Those who would ignore research that contradicts their political beliefs, would freeze the world so it never changes, or try to turn the clock back to a mythical better time – in tech or politics or ???   These folks just aren’t paying attention.

I can still remember hearing the great Satchel Paige  saying in a pep talk he gave in Toronto when I was a teenager, “Never look back – they might be gaining.  I’ve thought about that a lot in relation to tech and politics and …   Well, I’ve thought about it a lot.

And blah, blah, blah….

(Who is this guy blathering on anyway?) 😉


Short Stories

I hope you read the email describing how to use your “email preferences” at the bottom of every email.

Click “update email preferences” Click the box that says “short stories”.  Close the window.

You’ll get a short story delivered to your inbox once a week until the entire backlist is sent. At that point, you’ll get every new story as they’re published.

Updates From Previous Notes

Dictating (DragonNaturallySpeaking)   I waver back and forth on this. I’m supposed to dive right in, throw away the keyboards and just go with dictating.  That didn’t work for me (or maybe I gave up too early or maybe I’m too….)

I’m still doing some things on the keyboard and some things with the Dragon.

I could analyze this for the next 2000 words and neither of us would be any further ahead.

Cleaning Out

In the last two months, I’ve killed two of my websites/blogs. They were either not making any money or they were distracting me from the things I truly wanted to write.

This website/writing at will continue for the foreseeable future as I still have things I want to say here.

Book Sales

Trickling.  I surely won’t become immensely wealthy on those first three ebooks. 😉  But then again, I really didn’t expect to.  (To be sure, it would have been nice but …)

The Existing Books

The links are here. And, all are available on Kindle Unlimited.

Flee or Kill
Future Forward
The Wild Hunt and Other Short Stories

New Project

I’m about 10,000 words into a new ebook/extended story and having some fun times with it.   I’m considering how best to share that with you.  That’s a new year problem/solution.

And That

Pretty much sums up the year. It was a year of surprises, of great swings in life and work.

Things The Need Noting

Of noting, I’m blessed with a great family, a life-partner who understands and supports my crazed writerly life and friends who manage to not comment (at least to my face) about the latest idea I’ve adopted.

Thanks for sticking around this year. I’ll have more for you early in the New Year.

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