Author Report for August 2017

In this report, I’d like to start out by saying I ran into a minor health problem, some torn retinas that were repaired with laser surgery. Because of this, restrictions on my activity included: not reading or being involved in anything that would jar my eyes. I can report there is a significant amount of crap on AmazonVideo and the Canadian CraveTV.
I’m slowly getting back into it now, moving through the old email files and trying to catch up.

NOTE re this email: I’ve just set the system to “full feed” which means you get every story/article delivered in full to your inbox. You don’t have to visit the site to read them. BUT – I just threw this switch this week and the system may send out more than one article in this first email. In all future emails, you should only get the newly published ones. 


Over 300 of you have just joined this list, and I hope you find something of interest in the stories that I share. As always, I welcome your comments and emails and will do my best to respond.
I may have made some mistakes when I added your emails to the list. Because I have just switched the list to MailerLite away from Mailchimp, some of you may not have received all the followup downloads. Here’s a quick download link in case you were one of those who didn’t receive the links.
## 2047 The Beginnings
## Flee or Kill

Note to anyone reading this post online – you can get your own copies of this by subscribing to this site.

The last ebook in the series – Future Forward  is on Amazon at a whopping $0.99


I’m still posting short stories and the links are here.   
You will get a full feed of all new stories moving forward.


DragonNaturallySpeaking and I are getting used to each other and I’m slowly learning how to dictate stories instead of writing them.  This report was  dictated and then edited.  And yes, I miss some of the mistakes but I’m getting better at catching them (practice makes perfect).

So what’s new?

Full Feed

Moving forward, you’ll get automatic emails with the full content in the email and not just the lead paragraph. If I have it set up correctly, this should be the example for all future email. This means you don’t have to go and visit the website to read the stories that I will be publishing soon.  See note above about this first email though.

New Ebooks and Subjects

As many of you know, the first trilogy was completed and I have started to examine other areas of interest.
And yes, I am working on some concepts –
I intend to have some short stories up soon as prequels.

The podcast

In reviewing all of the writing that I do – whether that’s fiction or nonfiction – over the past month, I had some hard decisions to make.
One of those decisions concerned the podcast and the reality of both the time it took to create the podcast and how much work I was willing to do to promote, and make it work as an author platform.
The bottom line is that I decided the podcast took up too much time that I could spend writing. The podcast will not be updated, the account was closed down and Apple will in the fullness of time delete it from their library.

My Personal “Creators” Blog

Some of you may find my writer’s blog of interest. It wanders all over the content map depending on what catches my fancy.
Check it out here.
Thanks for reading

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