Author Report April 2017

April was a month that saw me grind back into production.  I don’t use the word “grind” lightly as the gears were somewhat rusty and out of alignment.  Moving from the enclaves of Florida back to the freedom of our island created a serious dose of culture shock. (And not to put too fine a point on it – temperature shock for the person I live with.)
It’s also taking far too long to unpack (having sold the Southern place, my island office has two sets of office equipment in it – 2 printers, 2 chairs etc)
Cleanup time ahead…
As for grinding back into “production” – well, that may be a bit overoptimistic as well…
But we’re home. And happily so.

Newsletter Updates:

Well, let me simply say I screwed up, forgot to turn one small switch at the distribution end so it just sat there, patiently storing articles.
To make a short story much shorter – I discovered the problem, pushed the button, and you folks received an instant update from the last month or so.
The newsletter systems have been sharpened to a fine point and I’m happy (at last) with how they’re set up to work. A bit of software changes have already made a difference.
And yeah, I know. Everybody hates popups but we use them because they work….
Subscribers: 59 brave, hardy souls.

April Publishing Adventures:

  • Added about 15,000 words to each of 2047 and Flee or Kill and republish. Total 30,000 words.
  • Publish all fiction ebooks on Pronoun  (This is a link to my author page there)  This is a publishing platform that takes care of the manual work for uploading/payment etc for writers. It’s an upload once kind of thing.
  • Figure out the new layout software Vellum at the beginner level. The ebooks look a heck of a lot better.

Pronoun Publishing:

Good folks to work with and after I screwed up some stuff, they helped tremendously to get me back on track. All ebooks are now available on all retailer platforms.


I sent a note out about publishing the ebook 2047 as a serial. Then I read the first one online.
Reading a several thousand word chapter online wasn’t a ton of fun. (Let’s be honest) — It was terrible.
Deleted them all. Classed this as a great idea in theory but terrible in practice.
Worked on and set up system for subscribers to be able to download 2047 for free.
Existing subscribers offered link to read it in the reader of their choice.
Set to free at all major ebook retailers.


The podcast is an interesting experiment with the jury still out about continuing.  Having broken just about every “rule” in creating, launching and running a podcast (for a variety of reasons) I can only expect a slow recovery in traffic.
Systems in place to do podcasts faster now (took a course this winter on podcasting)
Downloads.  Well, when you leave a podcast high and dry for two months, you can expect to have very few downloads. And that’s what happened – very few downloads.
I read some of the new chapters of 2047 into the podcast but then thought about the issues about reading a book in serial form.

Listening to a book in podcast is not going to be a great experience either.

Total Downloads To Date 116

Word Counts


Approximately 30,000 edited words added to 2047 and Flee or Kill

Future Forward –

The last book in the Future Forward trilogy
April: 15,600 words written
Total for month 45,600 words.

Major Tech Update:

I added voice dictation software to my computer.  I’ll be writing a post about this over at but the bottom line is I’m learning how to dictate my work and expect to see some serious word count improvements once I’ve figured out the techniques.


No $ sales this month.
I’m doing what I want to do and if/when the dollars follow, it’s all good.  I have no expectations of getting rich (at least this month) 🙂
But yes, to clarify – months with dollars are better than months with no-dollars. 🙂
And with that note, I give you all the ebooks in one spot – easy to find your own favorite retailer.

Online Publishing World:

If you think the changes in tech or publishing are a bit dizzying from where you sit, you might try it from my end.
I read like crazy, listen to podcasts, and follow the “current best practices for authors” guidelines. They drive me nuts.  What’s “acceptable” this week at Amazon is sure to be suspect in two weeks.  The advice for publishing articles such as this is different right now than it was two months ago.
It’s like nailing jelly to the wall.


It was a month of changes – from Florida to our island, from keyboards to dictation. From … well, you get the idea.
Stuff changes but my primary objective remains that of getting better at writing and telling stories with every change.
It’s an adventure for sure…

Thanks for reading folks.  I really do appreciate your time.

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