Author Platform Development Report: November 2016

If you read the Pivot series (part one, part two) you may recall I said I’d provide a regular report about how my author platform is developing.  While I’m not sure what “regular” means yet (monthly, every-second month ??) here’s the first one about a month after my decision.

>author platform development

The Stats

  • Newsletter subscribers  54.  This is exactly the same number and I want to thank you for persevering through the building process.
  • Podcast downloads 455.
  • Book sales:  0
  • Free ebook downloads: 4

A Quick Look At Those Numbers

Newsletter: (54)  I believe the newsletter readership went up 1 with a new subscriber and down one with an unsubscribe.  So it’s a wash for any increase.  I was sidetracked with moving South and setting up a new home.  I had forgotten all the things one has to do when you take possession of a new place. I think we’re responsible for a stock uptick for both Amazon and Lowes.
Podcast downloads: (455)  This is moving forward but I have no idea whether this is 455 people who’ve downloaded one episode or …   I do know on October 15, the number was 220 so in the last six weeks, there have been 235 downloads. The next step for me is to research and evaluate any podcast stats systems on the market.  Also I’ll be uploading to other distribution systems besides iTunes.
Book sales: (0)  Well, this was to be expected as I’ve just uploaded 2 ebooks to Amazon.  I’ll write more about why I uploaded them now and why I thought it was important to break my original launch decisions. If  you’re a Kindle Unlimited or Prime Member, you can find 2047: Hell In A Handbasket here and The Wild Hunt and Other Short Stories here.
Free ebook downloads (4) I have no data on those who downloaded the free ebook, no sense of what’s going on with that but at least I know 4 people did it
Website traffic stats:   Here’s where it gets strange. Apparently there’s a “code war” going on between some hacking group and Google. The hacker hasn’t hacked websites but rather Google Analytics itself at some basic machine code level.

 My website hasn’t been hacked but my Google analytics have been.

As an aside, this has to really, really annoy Google. 
All of this is well beyond me but the bottom line is that my stats reports are pretty much useless at my level of traffic.  And to be honest, I doubt I’ll have significant amounts of traffic in any case as I’ve just seen there are only three pages Google has indexed on the website (it’s only put three pages so far into the search engine although it has seen them all).  Now you know as much as I do.
But I know there’s not yet a lot of traffic to the site.

Bottom Line:

I continue to work my plan on finding interesting things to share, continue to work at becoming a better writer, and “doing the work” of a writer working at creating something of value.
Now you know.  Some movement forward (let’s hear it for podcast downloads) and the rest is still developing.

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