An Unplanned October Update

Dear Reader:

I decided a full cleanup of my office and the filing system was a perfect task.

You know what that means don’t you?

I have paper everywhere. Some of the shredded files, stuffed in green garbage bags, have been taken to the compost pile and yet, countless tiny scraps are embedded in my office carpet.  I have created a mess of epic proportions and there is no end in sight as I write this note.

I have books, literally thousands of books. Some are old favorites and others collectibles that are well over 150 years old. The double-shelved overflow in my office goes downstairs to a room lined with bookshelves.

I  noted these things this morning while I was searching for my Dictionary of Imaginary Places (yes, there really is such a book) these downstair shelves were beginning to be double stacked as well.


This is the long lead up to a decision I made this morning and why I really needed that dictionary.

A creators life is rather “interesting” now, and in the midst of the ongoing culture wars, I’m being proactive.

Even though I grew up in a Scot’s household (my mother was born in Aberdeen Scotland) and we spent a great deal of time with my Scottish grandparents – indeed lived with them for a while- I am proudly Canadian.

Being Canadian, and writing a book about a UK cultural icon leaves me open to charges of cultural appropriation. So as much as I grew up with these stories and love them, I’m being proactive.

The Merlin books have been unpublished at Amazon and stories on the website removed. I have completed several searches on my website to remove any links or references to these stories.

That is the long story about why I needed my “Dictionary of Imaginary Places”. 

What’s Next?

My next series of fantasy stories are going to be based somewhere where there are no appropriation issues – and this is yet to be decided. 

I have absolutely no idea how that’s going to turn out or what I’m going to write about. But yes, magic and magical beings are springing to life in my mind and I’ll share those with you when I get them all sorted out.

Thanks for reading folks – we do indeed live in in interesting times and I’m doing my best.

Take care out there and be kind to each other.


4 thoughts on “An Unplanned October Update”

    1. Designing my own world now – first baby steps being taken… 🙂 And thanks for your ongoing reading-support 🙂

  1. I came to your books because of the Merlin stories, but I have also enjoyed some of your recent work.
    Finding out that you are a fellow Canadian is a pleasant bonus!
    I will definitely miss your “previous Merlin”, but I do look forward to your new fantasy world.
    Best regards

    1. Hey Gary – I’m already having fun with the replacement project and tried to sit on deck today to write but cold… 🙂 I’ll be dropping stories here as soon as I sort out some of the basic research. Thanks for your note

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