I grew up listening to stories out in a disappearing countryside. Family and friends would congregate around old wood kitchen tables, and fueled by cups of strong tea or glasses of cold beer, the stories would emerge. I’d listen to the rueful or joyous laughter and try to stay out of sight so as not to be sent to bed.

In that tradition of countryside laughter used to remember the important things and rail against changing worlds, I’ve always told stories as well.

Now, I write them to share with you.  I invite you to consider if these words and worlds are where you want to live.

My goal is to give readers the real-life research and my fictional alternatives.

I challenge you – the person reading this –  to change our future to something better.

About D.Frank in Real Life

D. Frank will speak for himself but his alter-ego is Doug Green, a full-time writer, living, and writing on an island off the city of Kingston, Ontario in the thousand island area of Canada.